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How It Works

How It Works

Choose the service you require – for washing services please sort your loads according to temperature, colours and material etc. Please don’t include any Dry Clean or Hand Wash garments.

Call us to arrange a collection or to arrange a time to drop off your laundry.

We will weigh your garments and charge according to the service. Please refer to our pricing information.

When you drop off or we collect your garments we will provide you with a sales note which contains your contact details and the service you require. A duplicate will be placed with your garments.

Garments will then be checked and logged onto an itemised checklist, care labels will be checked and items processed accordingly.

We will wash, dry and iron your garments with the greatest care and attention to detail. We will carefully fold or hang your items and cover them with a protective cover to maintain cleanliness and freshness. Please let us know what you prefer.

Garments are inspected prior to packaging and cross checked against the itemised checklist to ensure all of your garments are returned to you. Anything not up to standard will be reworked free of charge.

Garments will then be ready to pick up or we can return them to you, usually no more than 48 hours after initial drop off or collection. We expect cash or cheque on pick up or return of items.

Collections / Returns

The convenience of our collection and return service allows you to save time & fuel. We charge £5.00 for Collection and Return or £2.50 each way. Any distance over 5 miles will be calculated on a pence per mile basis.

We’re really sorry but we can’t give exact collection/return times but we will be happy to try and fit around your schedule as best we can.

At the Door

On our first visit we will provide you with a bag to keep, in which to put your washing or ironing. We will weigh your garments at your door and provide you with a collection note confirming your details. We will also note the service you require, the weight of your garments, the cost of the service, any special requirements and the agreed day for pick up or return of garments.

You don’t need to worry about counting items or making a list as a collection note will be placed with your items to identify it as yours. We will then sort and itemise your garments back at our base.

Our Promise / Guarantee

We aim to bring back the traditional personal service which seems to be missing from the big companies that operate today. Because we are a small business we are able to offer our customers a more personal and bespoke service.

We aim to give great quality service all of the time.

We aim to be as flexible as possible in meeting your needs as we understand that spare time is a luxury. Please don’t hesitate to speak to us if you need your garments sooner or have any other requests regarding the service we provide. We will always try to be as accommodating as possible.

We guarantee to provide you with a professional laundry service at reasonable and competitive prices.